Summer Learning


Since 2007, California Teaching Fellows Foundation has been at the forefront of a groundbreaking statewide summer initiative. The summer learning partnership addresses the achievement gap created by summer learning loss. Instead of being bored, uninspired and exposed to risky behaviors, students in the Central Valley are having a great time learning during the summer months.




Research reveals that without stimulating learning activities in the summer, students lose up to a half grade of learning in the summer. Students in lower-income households do not always have the benefit of educational camps, vacations and outings during the summer. As a result, reading and math skills—not to mention healthy physical and social behaviors—decrease disproportionately in students from low-income communities. Ultimately, these students are less likely to graduate from high school or enter college.

The innovative model developed by the summer learning partnership has proven to be effective, incorporating:

– Creative youth-focused reading and writing lessons.
– Engaging, safe activities and classes in sciences, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM)
– Playful initiatives that promote healthy, active lifestyles

Students experience leadership and team building, new friendships, skills development, breakfast and lunch, learning adventures, and plenty of exercise.


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